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Cambios en Enlightenment - E16 1.0.20

Thu 30 May 2019 04:18:15 PM CEST

--- 1.0.20 ---
Reintroduce acflags for configuration of rpmbuilds
Update 'definitions'
Enable changing only theme variant
Add theme defined menu
Refactor/rename/use _EFREE type macros
Change EFREE_... macros to functions
Consistently use *ALLOC() macros
Warning fix for gcc 9
Optionally don't slide in DeskGotoByEwin()
Introduce EwinFindGroupMember()
Fix transient placement involving desk/area change
Split unplaced transient and dialog handling
Introduxe ArrangeEwinCenteredOn()
Remove saveunders option from Miscellaneous Settings dialog
Fix restart after choosing Restart in GSOD on e.g. segv
Tweak winop opacity delta mode
Don't do double-clicks on scroll wheel events
Correct refresh when switching away from background "None"
Restore background to last set if quitting background selector
e_gen_menu: Somewhat random menu generator changes
e_gen_menu: Various corrections and tweaks
Fix memory leak in pulseaudio sound loader
Fix potential segv in pulseaudio sound handler
Fix compositing glitches with tiled backgrounds Drop check for unused wctype.h
Use pkg-config some more
Fix potential memory leak in _ScreenInitXrandr()
Fix timer havoc in obscure situations
GSOD: Better keyboard grab
GSOD: Only react to shown buttons
Make config dialog edge flip mode changes take effect immediately
Add gobject-2.0 dependency in case pango doesn't include it
Fix build without composite
Fix potential gcc9 warning

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