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Cambios en XFE 1.41

Version 1.41 (pre-release)
- avoid exiting Xfe when an X error is detected (fixes bug #779163 in Debian)
- with single file selection, overwrite dialogs now only show Yes and Cancel options
- when renaming a file, allow to overwrite destination if source and destination are both files
- fixed a crash in SearchPanel when deleting files with thumbnails on
- implemented a du (disk usage) command. This allows to get the sorted total sizes of selected items and compare them.
  The associated menu voice is "Compare sizes" in the FilePanel or SearchPanel context menu and is enabled when at least
  two files or folders are selected
- it is now possible to open multiple Properties dialogs on different file selections
- added an optional confirmation dialog for the change property action and also added the related option to the
  Preferences dialog
- the Properties dialog now uses a separate process to compute the total directory size
- fixed a crash in SearchPanel (caused by a wrong ICONLIST_MASK in IconList.cpp)
- fixed a refresh problem with the second panel, in two panels mode
- removed brown, blue and XFCE icon themes
- removed iMac and Windows 95 color themes
- fixed a regression in CommandWindow that didn't capture error messages any more
- improved the font dialog appearance when using the ClearLooks controls
- removed the bottom separator from each dialog for a more modern appearance
- fixed the key bindings dialog appearance when no shortcut has been defined
- fixed the rename file (F2) and create new file (Ctrl-N) wrong shortcuts in
- the progress bar frame now has the ClearLooks style
- fixed search panel list style, dirs first and ignore case parameters that were not retained 
- added a close button to the title bar of all dialogs
- added missing icons to some file operation dialogs
- reorganization of the menu order in xfe, xfi and xfw to be more consistent with common practice
- fixed a regression where it was not possible anymore to copy / paste text in a text field
- the new folder, new file and rename dialogs now forbid names that include the character '/'. This prevents creating
  files or folder in other directories and seems safer than the previous approach 
- fixed OpenBSD build (bug #206)
- updated czsech translation (thanks to David Vachulka <[email protected]>)
- fixed incorrect selection mode in XFileImage
- the menu key now has the same function as the Shift-F10 key, i.e. it opens the popup menu on a file list
- code source cleanup
- fixed the placement of file error messages
- fixed key navigation in the icon list. Now pressing a letter key only selects an item, whatever the mouse cursor
- fixed a regression in IconList, where it was not possible anymore to select a file in a file dialog
- fixed a small regression with the arrow cursor in the FXMenuTitle hack

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