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Cambios en Links 2.9

=== RELEASE 2.9 ===

Sun Dec 21 15:08:30 CET 2014 mikulas:

	Work around some screen-corruption bugs in the OpenVMS terminal driver

Sun Nov 30 18:57:30 CET 2014 mikulas:

	Support mouse wheel in framebuffer (unfortunatelly we can't support it
	in text mode because when we instruct gpm to send us the wheel event,
	gpm stops drawing the cursor when the mouse is moved).

Tue Nov 25 22:07:12 CET 2014 mikulas:

	Pring "^" and "_" for <sub> and <sup> tags in text mode

Wed Nov  5 20:11:12 CET 2014 mikulas:

	An option to fake Firefox in the HTTP header. It modifies User-Agent and
	several other options to be more Firefox-like. This option is also
	automatically turned on when "Connect only via proxies or Socks (useful
	for tor)" is selected. It makes it safer to use Links with tor.

Sat Jul 26 16:16:15 CEST 2014 mikulas:

	Fixed quadratic complexity in the text renderer when exteremely long
	lines were used

Tue Jun 24 22:26:47 CEST 2014 mikulas:

	Do not print the character 0x9b if the display character set doesn't
	have it, because it is interpreted as a control character on the Linux

Sat May 17 16:51:18 CEST 2014 mikulas:

	An option to break long lines in <pre> sections

Thu May 15 20:02:52 CEST 2014 mikulas:

	Consume less memory when 8-bit gamma correction is used

Wed Apr 16 20:59:57 CEST 2014 mikulas:

	Updated the list of top level domains

Sat Apr  5 04:19:56 CEST 2014 mikulas:

	Use malloc_trim to return unused memory to the system

Thu Mar 27 02:25:09 CET 2014 mikulas:

	Support RFC5987 for filenames

Wed Mar 26 02:32:50 CET 2014 mikulas:

	Support StaticColor in the X-window driver

Tue Mar 25 03:58:45 cet 2014 mikulas:

	Fix crash on OS/2 if image is wider than 10921 pixels

Wed Mar 19 19:49:57 CET 2014 mikulas:

	Use clock_gettime if available

Sun Mar  2 03:54:47 CET 2014 mikulas:

	The ability to set screen margins for text mode and framebuffer

Mon Feb 24 18:15:08 CET 2014 mikulas:

	Fix palette corruption on framebuffer when links instance was terminated
	while it was not active

Sun Feb  2 21:50:48 CET 2014 mikulas:

	Improve the gif decoder to accept more images

Sun Feb  2 18:29:30 CET 2014 mikulas:

	Increase the amount of data read from the socket, it improves speed when
	loading big images

Fri Nov 29 01:22:43 CET 2013 mikulas:

	Accept "text/xml" as html type

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