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Cambios en MPD 0.17.2

ver 0.17.2 (2012/09/30)
* protocol:
  - fix crash in local file check
* decoder:
  - fluidsynth: remove throttle (requires libfluidsynth 1.1)
  - fluidsynth: stop playback at end of file
  - fluidsynth: check MIDI file format while scanning
  - fluidsynth: add sample rate setting
  - wavpack: support all APEv2 tags
* output:
  - httpd: use monotonic clock, avoid hiccups after system clock adjustment
  - httpd: fix throttling bug after resuming playback
* playlist:
  - cue: map "PERFORMER" to "artist" or "album artist"
* mapper: fix non-UTF8 music directory name
* mapper: fix potential crash in file permission check
* playlist: fix use-after-free bug
* playlist: fix memory leak
* state_file: save song priorities
* player: disable cross-fading in "single" mode
* update: fix unsafe readlink() usage
  - don't auto-detect the vorbis encoder when Tremor is enabled

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