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Cambios en E16 1.0.11


Wed Jun 27 20:10:02 CEST 2012

--- ---
Spec file fixes.
Expose ECompMgrWinSetOpacity() - call via EobjChangeOpacityNow().
Fix setting slide-in mode in dialog.
Menus - Remove unused code.
Change ewin sliding function API.
Dialog sliders - Enable having upper bound below lower.
Dialogs - Add missing const.
Remove server grab around EShapeSetShape().
Move pre-eventloop calls of EobjsRepaint() out of progress bar functions.
Remove useless parameter from SnapshotsSaveReal().
GSOD - Make work when compositing.
GSOD - Refactor + some changes.
GSOD - Just use fixed font. Font sets are causing trouble again.
Name ewin sliding functions consistently.
Move ewin sliding functions to slide.c.
EwinMove/Resize - Change various global/ewin flags to function parameter.
Use OPSRC_NA in stead of 0.
Add uninstall-local to fix distcheck (with recent autotools?).
Move GetTimeMs/Us() to time.c.
French translation update (Tristan D.).
Make clean shouldn't remove e16-gnome3-session.desktop.
Remove USER_NAME, HOME_DIR, and USER_SHELL from config file preparsing.
Simplify user info functions.
Close all fd's above 2 when exec'ing for restart.
French translation update (Tristan D.).
Minor tweak around ECompMgrGetRootBuffer().
Remove some obsolete code.
Change some longs to ints where long is not needed.
Fix build without composite but with xrender.
Remove now unused EKeycodeToString().
Remove old e16keyedit (pre 0.7) IPC functions.
Fix bug in pareto_maximizer() (Daniel Manjarres).
Remove unnecessary AC_PROG_MAKE_SET.
Warning fix for gcc-4.6.x.
Japanese translation update (Yasufumi Haga).


Sat Sep  8 08:47:00 CEST 2012

--- ---

Fix coords placement in techopaque mode (Daniel Manjarres).
Remove unused code.
Fix (if experimenting with USE_DESK_EXPOSE).
Move EObj sliding functions to slide.c too.
Don't prevent pager update due to ewin slide.
Add some timer debug, cosmetic changes.
Fetch time to next timer run after running idlers.
Desk restacking before shade/unshade should not be necessary.
Another spec file fix - don't own locale/* dirs.
Startup cosmetics.
Fix having black solid color background.
Don't keep shaded windows entirely on-screen (ticket 1191).
Enable logging to stdout or stderr.
Improve fading debug logging.
Remove unnecessary code in ECompMgrWinFadeIn().
Menu code tweaks.
Alert if root window button events cannot be selected.
Use EobjsSlideBy() to slide desks as well as areas.
EobjSlideTo() is no longer used.
Fix potential deadlock with multiple simultaneous alerts.


Wed Oct  3 21:12:02 CEST 2012

--- 1.0.11 ---
Debug tweaks.
Fix build error with ancient imlib2.
Fix build error with ancient composite.

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