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Baahubali-2 Story

Baahubali-2 Story Leaked....!

There was a biggest twist
disclosed at the climax of
Baahubali and the climax will
continue in Baahubali 2 and the
story of Baahubali 2 was leaked
through social media and
spreaded over the World in
Whatsapp and other social
sites. As we know everyone is
eagerly waiting for the reason
why Mahendra Baahubali was
killed by Kattappa even he is
supportive to Baahubali
Kingdom of Mahishmati. As per
the revealed and leaked
information about Baahubali 2
story Kattappa Killed Baahubali
as a wish of Ballala Deva (by
Rana Daggubati).

Baahubali Decided to marry
After the biggest war ended in
between Kalakeya Kingdom and
Mahishmati Kingdom Baahubali
was become the King for
Mahishmati Kingdom as we
know in Baahubali first part,
and It was continued for few
days with great support by the
people of Mahishmati Kingdom.
As the days are passing
Baahubali fall in love with
Devasena and as well as Ballala
Deva also loved Devasena and
Both Baahubali and Ballala
Deva wants to marry Devasena.
Baahubali Leaves the Kingdom
Then Shivagami (Played by
Ramya Krishna) was released a
statement that Those who
wants to marry Devasena
should leave the Kingdom of
Mahishmati and then they will
be eligible to marry Devasena.
Baahubali will agree for the rule
and ready to leave the Kingdom.
Then he left the Kingdom and
married Devasena but
Mahishmati Kingdom is support
to be occupied by other region
people as the kingdom does not
have any King.
Kattappa Killed Baahubali
So everyone in Mahishmati
Kingdom wants a comeback of
Baahubali to role the Kingdom
and finally Shivagami decided
to replace the King with
Baahubali only as this
movement is going to an end
Ballala Deva was very feared
about Baahubali Coma Back
and he targeted to kill
Baahubali. But to stand with
Good name in Mahishmati
Kingdom he ordered Kattappa
to Kill Baahubali . As he was
soldier under Ballala Deva He
did as he ordered.

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