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Cambios en Privoxy 3.0.32

ChangeLog for Privoxy
*** Version 3.0.32 stable ***

- Security/Reliability:
  - ssplit(): Remove an assertion that could be triggered with a
    crafted CGI request.
    Commit 2256d7b4d67. OVE-20210203-0001.
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera)
  - cgi_send_banner(): Overrule invalid image types. Prevents a
    crash with a crafted CGI request if Privoxy is toggled off.
    Commit e711c505c48. OVE-20210206-0001.
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera)
  - socks5_connect(): Don't try to send credentials when none are
    configured. Fixes a crash due to a NULL-pointer dereference
    when the socks server misbehaves.
    Commit 85817cc55b9. OVE-20210207-0001.
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera)
  - chunked_body_is_complete(): Prevent an invalid read of size two.
    Commit a912ba7bc9c. OVE-20210205-0001.
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera)
  - Obsolete pcre: Prevent invalid memory accesses with an invalid
    pattern passed to pcre_compile(). Note that the obsolete pcre code
    is scheduled to be removed before the 3.0.33 release. There has been
    a warning since since 2008 already.
    Commit 28512e5b624. OVE-20210222-0001.
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera)

- Bug fixes:
  - Properly parse the client-tag-lifetime directive. Previously it was
    not accepted as an obsolete hash value was being used.
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera)
  - decompress_iob(): Prevent reading of uninitialized data.
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera).
  - decompress_iob(): Don't advance cur past eod when looking
    for the end of the file name and comment.
  - decompress_iob(): Cast value to unsigned char before shifting.
    Prevents a left-shift of a negative value which is undefined behaviour.
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera)
  - gif_deanimate(): Confirm that that we have enough data before doing
    any work. Fixes a crash when fuzzing with an empty document.
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera).
  - buf_copy(): Fail if there's no data to write or nothing to do.
    Prevents undefined behaviour "applying zero offset to null pointer".
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera)
  - log_error(): Treat LOG_LEVEL_FATAL as fatal even when --stfu is
    being used while fuzzing.
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera).
  - Respect DESTDIR when considering whether or not to install
    config files with ".new" extension.
  - OpenSSL ssl_store_cert(): Fix two error messages.
  - Fix a couple of format specifiers.
  - Silence compiler warnings when compiling with NDEBUG.
  - fuzz_server_header(): Fix compiler warning.
  - fuzz_client_header(): Fix compiler warning.
  - cgi_send_user_manual(): Also reject requests if the user-manual
    directive specifies a https:// URL. Previously Privoxy would try and
    fail to open a local file.

- General improvements:
  - Log the TLS version and the the cipher when debug 2 is enabled..
  - ssl_send_certificate_error(): Respect HEAD requests by not sending a body.
  - ssl_send_certificate_error(): End the body with a single new line.
  - serve(): Increase the chances that the host is logged when closing
    a server socket.
  - handle_established_connection(): Add parentheses to clarify an expression
    Suggested by: David Binderman
  - continue_https_chat(): Explicitly unset CSP_FLAG_CLIENT_CONNECTION_KEEP_ALIVE
    if process_encrypted_request() fails. This makes it more obvious that the
    connection will not be reused. Previously serve() relied on
    Inspired by a patch from Joshua Rogers (Opera).
  - decompress_iob(): Add periods to a couple of log messages
  - Terminate the body of the HTTP snipplets with a single new line
    instead of "\r\n".
  - configure: Add --with-assertions option and only enable assertions
    when it is used
  - windows build: Use --with-brotli and --with-mbedtls by default and
    enable dynamic error checking.
  - gif_deanimate(): Confirm we've got an image before trying to write it
    Saves a pointless buf_copy() call.
  - OpenSSL ssl_store_cert(): Remove a superfluous space before the serial number.

- Action file improvements:
  - Disable fast-redirects for
  - Unblock requests to adri*.
  - Block requests for trc*
  - Disable fast-redirects for

- Filter file improvements:
  - Make the second pcrs job of the img-reorder filter greedy again.
    The ungreedy version broke the img tags on:

- Privoxy-Log-Parser:
  - Highlight a few more messages.
  - Clarify the --statistics output. The shown "Reused connections"
    are server connections so name them appropriately.
  - Bump version to 0.9.3.

- Privoxy-Regression-Test:
  - Add the --check-bad-ssl option to the --help output.
  - Bump version to 0.7.3.

- Documentation:
  - Add pushing the created tag to the release steps in the developer manual.
  - Clarify that 'debug 32768' should be used in addition to the other debug
    directives when reporting problems.
  - Add a 'Third-party licenses and copyrights' section to the user manual.

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