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Cambios en Enlightenment - E16 1.0.14


Wed Aug 14 21:54:12 CEST 2013

--- ---
Fix installation group ownership of theme files (ticket 2345).
Fix various perl warnings.
Fix menu generation issue.
Play raise/lower sounds only if any windows are actually raised/lowered.
Fix bug in ActionClass loading.
Tweak button swallowing in slideouts.
Clear SF_INFO struct before calling sf_open().
Save some bytes in various structs.
Button:inside_win is not used.
Tweak button event callback parameter.
updating desktop files translations
updating esperanto and adding serbian translation
Fixed sorting in desktop files
Avoid potential crash in menu unloading.
Fix potential use of uninitialised data.
Remove unnecessary EXTRA_DIST.
Eliminate BordersForeach().
No need for double - change to float.
Let "eesh screen" show some randr info.
Disable moving "None" background to front.
Discard broken backgrounds (bg file missing) on exit.
Fix background dialog issues.
Switch to new list implementation.


Sun Sep 22 12:27:45 CEST 2013

--- ---
Fixup after list changes.
Autofoo macro cleanups.


Sun Oct 13 08:56:20 CEST 2013

--- ---
Obsolete event handling tweak (click grabs).
Obsolete event handling tweak (serial wrap).
Remove useless Name[] entries from .desktop files.
Fix menu generation some more.
Update gettext version to 0.17.


Sat Feb 15 14:26:19 CET 2014

--- ---
Wrap XGetWindowAttributes().
Simplify registration of override-redirect windows.
Avoid redundant calls of XGetWindowAttributes.
Only manage InputOutput windows.
Add server grab around initial window pickup loop.
Don't play sound in ShowAlert().
Rename EDrawableCheck to EXDrawableOk and remove unused parameter.
Add EXWindowOk().
Use our own window property functions in stead of various Xlib ones.
Remove some use of X11 Bool type/values.
Wrap the last XClearArea call.
Use NoXID in stead of None.
Use XCopyArea wrapper function.
Wrap remaining XCopyArea calls.
Tweak error handler API.
Wrap some calls to XFillRectangle.
Fix memory leak when changing area.
Reduce nesting in DialogRealizeItem().
Simplify/fix dialog layout code.


Sat Mar 29 12:19:32 CET 2014

--- 1.0.14 ---
Fix placement of transient dialogs.
Autofoo update (AC_PROG_LIBTOOL -> LT_INIT).

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