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Cambios en Wings 3D 1.5.3

--- 1.5.3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

- Use (and require) OTP 17.0 which hopefully fixes unicode issues on
  win32 [dgud]

- Fix OpenCL so that it works on nvidia cards even though it's built
  with a 1.2 framework [dgud]

- JPG import now works on the Mac. [Björn Gustavsson]

- Added a new option to Snap[RMB] (in Body mode) that enable the user
  duplicate the object between reference and target. Thanks to Optigon
  for suggest it. [Micheus]

- Added a new option to auto save an unsaved project. [Micheus]

- Fixed an issue related to font selection under Windows 7 - fonts'
  name aren't displayed. [Micheus]

- Fixed an issue related to edges highlight in Tweak and Sculpt that
  was crashing wings when the object have hidden faces or
  holes. Thanks to Extrudeface for the report. [Micheus]

- Fixed a issue related to Select Group and Saved Camera windows not
  be drawn using the alpha settings as defined in the
  preferences. Thanks to Justanother1 for the report. [Micheus]

- Fixed the duplicated IDs in the language file for "Rename"
  operations available in the "Geometry Graph" window. Thanks to
  TulipVorlax. [Micheus]

- Fixed some issues related to images of materials exported by POV-Ray
  plugin. Thanks to RyMopar that reported it. [Micheus]

- Fixed an error in the "wings_u:relative_path_name" routine that was
  rebuilding the full path in a wrong way. [Micheus]

- Added support to save and restore the last view settings of a project. [Micheus]

- Added option to customize the grid size. [Micheus]

- Added a new option to Absolute-Move command (MMB) that enable the
  user set the reference point. [Micheus]

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