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Cambios en Yabause 0.9.14

0.9.13 -> 0.9.14
  - Fixed crash when bin is not found in a bin/cue.
  - Added Traditional Chinese translation.
  - Added Japanese translation.
  - Added Russian translation.
  - Updated German translation.
  - Added inline SH2 assembler function to main emulation code.
  - Fixed miscellaneous memory leak/uninitialized variables.
  - Added Stunner/Virtua Gun emulation
  - Added USB Dev cartridge emulation
  - Added SDL2 support
 android port:
  - Added screenshot feature to Android port
 emulated bios:
  - Work around fix for games trying to change scu mask from slave sh2 when using hle bios. Fixes Astal.
 gtk port:
  - Added extra checks to resolution setting to avoid potential leaks or crashing.
 macos port:
  - A few fixes to the Xcode projects for OS X
  - Fixed fullscreen mode when compiled with a newer OS X SDK
 qt port:
  - Fixed an issue where coff/elf files weren't selectable when using memory transfer function.
  - Fixed a bug where qt volume slider wasn't showing the saved value on startup.
  - Mouse will now optionally auto-hide with no movement
  - Added gui for inline assembler.
  - Revised Mouse emulation handling, added sensitivity setting.
  - Other fixes
 dreamcast port:
  - Fixed compilation
  - Fixed a bug where coordinate y increment wasn't being initialized under a specific set of circumstances. Should fix hang in Radiant Silvergun using OpenGL rendering.
  - Fixed Special Color Calculation mode 2

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