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Cambios en XFE 1.32.5

Version 1.32.5 (06/04/2012)
- updated the help dialog and the README file
- fixed a bug with drag and drop, when dropping a directory to another directory with the same name
- fixed duplicated shortcuts in the Bookmarks menu. Now, when more than 9 bookmarks are used, the new ones have shortcuts
  based on letters like a, b, c, etc.
- fixed two missing shortcuts in polish translation
- replaced all occurrences of PLACEMENT_SCREEN with PLACEMENT_OWNER, because the former can cause problems on multiple
  display machines
- set focus to the active panel when invoking a bookmark action
- added a confirm dialog to the clear bookmark menu item
- fixed wrong icons in copy to, move to, link to and rename dialogs
- fixed ld problem for ubuntu, which uses --as-needed by default (thanks to Joo for the patch). The patch replaces the
  $LDFLAGS variable with $LIBS in
- fixed wrong mimetypes in desktop files (thanks to Joo)
- updated file
- added support for xz (and tar.xz) archive format, and removed rar, lzh and arj archive creation because they are
  rarely used on Unix systems. However, extraction of these archive formats is still possible, of course
- fixed a crash in XFilePackage due to an inexistent tooltip string
- updated greek translation (thanks to Nikos Papadopoulos <[email protected]>)

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