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Cambios en Wget 1.18

* Changes in Wget 1.18

* By default, on server redirects to a FTP resource, use the original
  URL to get the local file name. Close CVE-2016-4971.  This
  introduces a backward-incompatibility for HTTP->FTP redirects and
  any script that relies on the old  behaviour must use

* Check the HSTS file is not world-writable before using it.

* Parse <img srcset> attributes on a recursive download.

* Fix problem with SNI server names having trailing dot(s)

* New options --bind-dns-address and --dns-servers.

* When Wget is built with libiconv, it now converts non-ASCII URIs to
  the locale's codeset when it creates files.  The encoding of the
  remote files and URIs is taken from --remote-encoding, defaulting to
  UTF-8.  The result is that non-ASCII URIs and files downloaded via
  HTTP/HTTPS and FTP will have names on the local filesystem that
  correspond to their remote names.

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