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Ssundee Blanket Review

Ssundee Blanket Review
Ssundee Blanket 
Ian Marcus Stapleton, better known as the internet pseudonym SSundee is an American YouTuber who makes funny gaming videos. SSundee is known for his FTB Minecraft series as well as collaborations with Lanceypooh and they have over 2 million users on their channel. 
Throw Ssundee Pillow by Ssundee are luxurious and soft. They are available in various designs. Certain throw blankets are made out of recycled materials while others include fringe or tassels in order to give them a bohemian style. Throw blankets can add the look of a pattern and color to your chair, couch or bed. 
In the month of March, SSundee and Lancey both had to leave the recording due to tensions that resulted from their rival YouTuber Crainer who accused the duo of deceiving and manipulating the audience. 


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