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Cambios en Links 2.19

=== RELEASE 2.19 ===

Sun Mar 31 15:59:40 CEST 2019 mikulas

	Disable high-DPI scaling on Windows

	Links makes it possible to specify scaling of text and images in the
	dialog windows, so this should preferably be used instead of
	system-level scaling

Sat Mar 30 21:56:02 CET 2019 mikulas:

	Fixed a crash on invalid IDN URL, such as http://test,ï.com/
	(found by [email protected])

Tue Mar 12 23:02:33 CET 2019 mikulas:

	Make it possible to select other fonts, using fontconfig and freetype

Tue Feb 26 19:50:11 CET 2019 mikulas:

	Show certificate authority in the "Document info" box

Sat Feb  2 19:30:08 CET 2019 mikulas:

	Use international error messages

Sun Jan 27 18:57:34 CET 2019 mikulas:

	The -dump switch didn't report an error if write to stdout failed

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