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Cambios en Pidgin 2.14.10

Pidgin and Finch: The Pimpin' Penguin IM Clients That're Good for the Soul

version 2.14.10 (06/02/2022):
	* Audit and correct the COPYRIGHT file. (RR 1425) (Richard Laager)
	* Fix a spelling error in a debug message for proxies. (RR 1426) (Richard
	* Install some emojis already in the theme but not being installed.
	  (RR 1428) (Richard Laager)
	* Drop the QQ smileys as we don't ship QQ anymore. (PIDGIN-14385) (RR 1429)
	  (Richard Laager)
	* Modernize the desktop file. (RR 1433) (Richard Laager)
	* Modernize the appdata file. (RR 1431) (Richard Laager)
	* Make privacy settings persist. (PIDGIN-17137) (RR 1463) (Belgin Știrbu)

	* Fix a use after free that was introduced in 2.14.9. (RR 1488) (ivanhoe)

	* Fix a crash if the server sends a short form JOIN message. (PIDGIN-17375)
	  (RR 1484) (Belgin Știrbu)

	* Fix a regression from 2.14.9 where XMPP accounts state would get lost
	  after failing to connect. (PIDGIN-17621) (RR 1455) (Belgin Știrbu)
	* Fix a crash when requesting your own info in an XMPP conference. (RR 1465)
	  (Belgin Știrbu)
	* Fix hang when completing a file transfer over XMPP. (RR 1466) (Belgin
	* Fix updating custom smileys. (PIDGIN-17153) (RR 1477) (Belgin Știrbu)
	* Fix unblocking users. (PIDGIN-16414) (RR 1479) (Belgin Știrbu)
	* Fix a crash when cancelling a file transfer. (PIDGIN-17189) (RR 1485)
	  (Belgin Știrbu)

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