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Fast Approval From CPA companies

Over the past few days I have applied to over 40 different companies here is my foolproof strategy to getting into them

    Have a Business website setup - Make it look professional. I like to use wordpress because of how easy it is and it also looks very professional. Snowwhite has posted some great templates that will look good for your business
    Say you buy traffic through media buys and some PPC - This allows for you to not have many organic traffic sites. You can say you are able to target it ALOT more through bought traffic then through your organic sites.

    Your internet marketing experience is 1.5 years or more - They want semi-new affiliates. You dont have to be the first one to do IM or Aff marketing but they dont want someone who will make there company look bad with there nooby tactics.

    What "Verticals" or Offers do you promote - Anything that converts, then go into some that you have promtoed in the past. I like to say Health, Entertainment, and Biz Opp. Make sure you have a few of these rehearsed before hand.

    Have a REAL email address at your business domain NOT a gmail/hotmail account - I think Nevarc had said that 99% of scams come from hotmail or gmail accounts, or pretty much any other type of Free email account. Make sure you setup a nice looking biz site and then have your email like "[email protected]

    Answer your phone with Hi this is "Your name" from "Your business" - This just makes you look pro :-)

    Don't have a lame ringtone like Rap, country etc. Keep it traditional and professional - and this just makes you look lame... They want professional affiliates. You may love rap and they might too but it still makes you look bad.

    Have a professional voicemail - Hi this is "Your name from your company" I am either not at my desk OR am on the phone. Leave your name number and a breif message and I will get back to you.

    Call all networks back the day after! - This shows you are a proactive affiliate and they love this.

I have used these tactics to get into over 15 networks already and that was only two days ago. My business site isnt even in google yet! It just looks professional so they accept me. Give it a go and get into some of the top companies now!

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